New features available in Ginestra™  v 2.1


  • Defect Spectroscopy Module

    Defect Spectroscopy Module

    New dedicated module for the energy/spatial spectroscopy of material defects from I-V, C-V and G-V electrical measurements
  • MOSFET Simulations

    MOSFET Simulations

    MOSFET devices can be simulated with different combinations of gate stack materials and semiconductor substrates
  • Ferroelectric Device Simulations

    Ferroelectric Device Simulations

    Ferroelectric properties can be easily activated from the new Ferroelectric tab of the layer properties panel in the device editor allowing ferroelectric materials to be incorporated into devices
  • New Output Viewer

    New Output Viewer

    Improvements to the output viewer for a more friendly and intuitive visualization and navigation of output data
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