MDLSoft will be participating in IEDM 2018 conference as exhibitor and speaker


Visit our exhibition booth at the IEDM conference in San Francisco.


  Milan Pesic will present a paper on "Deconvoluting charge trapping and nucleation interplay in FeFETs: Kinetics and Reliability"

Discovery of ferroelectric (FE) behavior in HfO2 removed the compatibility roadblocks between the state- of-the-art CMOS and FE memories. Even though FE FETs (FeFETs) are scaled into 22 nm nodes and beyond, the limits of the technology as well as the physical mechanisms and reliability are still under research. In this paper we successfully developed a multiscale modeling platform to understand the interplay between the FE switching and charge trapping. Starting from the nucleation theory and rigorous charge transport modeling we present for the first time a self-consistent modeling framework we used for investigation of reliability and variability in FeFETs.  


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